Tracy Fischer

Strategist of communication.
Writer of copy. 
Storyteller of brands.
Devotee of style guide rules. 
Fiend of caffeine.

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What remote and flexible work will look like at Meta

The rollout and continued refinement of Meta's official remote work and remote hiring policies and arrangements meant that our external content strategy had to continue to evolve. I originally wrote, managed approvals for, and published this article in less than 24 hours, given a tight deadline and urgent need for an external official announcement recruiters could share with candidates.

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Nelson 2018 Workplace Trends Survey

Nelson's 2018 Workplace Trends Report was included in Nelson's 2018 Advisor and Salary Guide. It was developed from the results of Nelson's Workplace Trends Survey of over 650 California employers. The Report outlines key workplace trends impacting California companies and their hiring and retention efforts. I managed the development and implementation of the Workplace Trends Survey (and all related resources designed to help the sales team maximize the sales opportunity provided by the Survey), wrote the survey, managed Survey analysis and insights development, wrote the report, and collaborated with Nelson's Creative Manager and external designer to develop the finished report design.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

-Leonardo Da Vinci